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We are on a mission to help people become
visible, active, and successful in their financial lives.

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Life on the margins of our society is full of closed doors. If you’re financially invisible, it’s nearly impossible to get approved for an apartment, a credit card and sometimes even a job. You’re the target of high-cost fringe lenders who entrap you in debt and prevent you from reaching your full economic potential.


45 million people are without access to affordable credit. 16 million people don’t have access to bank accounts.


1 in 4 families turn to fringe financial services for their daily needs.


Being invisible costs more. Payday lenders charge 391% to 521% interest for payday loans.

We meet hardworking people where they are.
Then we build on what they have.


The best solutions are found in the hidden strengths of marginalized communities. We’re building programs and services in real time that meet the complex needs of low-income communities.


Low-income communities are full of resilience and wisdom. When you start with respect and appreciation, you can transform informal practices into financial power.


We make it easier to navigate the financial marketplace by designing programs that transform everyday financial practices into savings and credit building opportunities.


We leverage user-centered design principles and technology to expand our programs nationwide. We host a network of trusted nonprofits across the country.

It’s not enough to feel good about the work we do. We care about having a real, tangible impact.
That’s why we validate our programs through third-party research.
This way, we measure our impact and use data to improve our programs.


We believe everyone deserves a shot at success.
Join us in making the financial system work for everyone.