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Advisory Councils

Real change is led by the community: that’s one of MAF’s core beliefs. And that’s why we convene councils of community members—clients, nonprofit partners, tech professionals, and funders—to help shape our vision and take our work to the next level.


Member Advisory Council (MAC)

Council members are participants in our programs who have established credit, paid off debt, built savings, and achieved dreams. MAC provides insight into the client experience, advises on design of new programs, and helps shape our strategic goals. 

  • Alma Fernandez – Lending Circles
  • Patricia Fuentes – Lending Circles
  • Reina Aguilera Barahona – Lending Circles for Business
  • Shweta Kohli – Lending Circles
  • Co-chair: Joanna Cortez Hernandez, MAF

Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

These seasoned nonprofit staff represent our nationwide network of Lending Circles partners. They provide insight on the partner and client experience, feedback on services, and strengthens the impact of our national programs.

  • Joleen Cantera, UpValley Family Center (St. Helena, CA)
  • Rose Mary Rodriguez, Pathfinders (Fort Worth, TX) 
  • David Soto, CLUES (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Co-chair: Natalie Zayas, Center for Changing Lives (Chicago, IL)
  • Co-chair: Zoe Leonard-Monrad, MAF

Tech Advisory Council (TAC)

Consists of members who are talented technology professionals from companies across the country. Their expertise ranges from technology design to creating products for low-income consumers. They inform MAF’s strategic decisions to help build intuitive technology that meets client needs.

  • Alexander Chen, Carta
  • Argin Wong, Rubrik
  • Chris Ferrer, Google
  • Elle Creel, Chime
  • Jesse Obbink, Upstart
  • Nikhil Goel, Uber
  • Ramya Gopal, PowerMyLearning
  • Sagar Shah, WeWork
  • Stephan Waldstrom, RPX Corporation
  • Stephanie Lewis, Tipping Point Community
  • Venkatesh Malepate, Google
  • Vikram Madan, AWS
  • Co-Chair: Kathryn Weinnman, Norwest Venture Partners
  • Co-Chair: Kriti Garg, MAF
  • Co-Chair: Angela Hedges, MAF

Adelante Advisory Council (AAC)

A dynamic group of professionals who bring their talents and expertise to move MAF’s mission forward (“adelante”). These members play a key role in building awareness and cultivating financial support for MAF. They help amplify MAF’s voice across their networks and support fundraising and marketing strategies.

  • David Krimm, Noe Valley Advisors
  • Elizabeth Irons Seem, Google
  • Jessica Leggett, Seven + Gold LLC
  • Karen Law, Infinite Community Ventures
  • Maddie Pielert, Youth Service Bureau YMCA
  • Peter Meredith, Independent Consultant
  • Sally Rothman, Eventbrite
  • Co-chair: Katherine Robles-Ayala, MAF
  • Co-chair: Michaela Nee, MAF