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Lending Circles is a great way to empower your community.

Lending Circles helps participants establish a positive credit history, save toward financial goals, and cultivate healthy financial habits.

Social loans provide participants with better access to affordable credit options, both now and in the future.

Participants increase their credit score, which is critical for renting a decent apartment, getting an affordable car loan, or covering emergency expenses.

Participants learn how to make the banking system work for them and take control of their personal finances.

“I wanted to continue my family’s rich food tradition. Lending Circles gave me the confidence to do it.”

Veronica, Larkspur, CA

How we set providers up for success

  • Implementation Support
  • Marketing Tools
  • Powerful Database
  • Loan Servicing & Credit Reporting
  • Wonderful Provider Support

Implementation Support

Easy-to-use online video tutorials and tools help you quickly train staff on how to implement the lending circles program with your own clients.

Marketing Tools

Our website and streamlined outreach tools provide you with all the support you need to recruit new clients.

Powerful Database

Enroll participants in social loans
Manage and view client performance
Access searchable FAQs of best practices
Our powerful cloud-based database makes it easy for you to enroll participants and stay up to date on loan performance. You can also search the FAQ for best practices or request real-time support from our provider services team

Loan Servicing & Credit Reporting

Mission Asset Fund takes care of all the details of loan servicing and credit reporting so that you can focus on giving great service to your clients!

Wonderful Provider Support

Your staff will have access to our professional Lending Circles provider team five days a week.

We started in the mission neighborhood in San Francisco. Now we’re expanding across the country.

We are a unique nonprofit that believes in creating pathways out of the financial shadows for economic opportunity, for aspiring new Americans, and for safe housing. Using the hidden strengths of communities, we work to create a fair marketplace for hardworking families. We increase access to low-cost credit through our Lending Circles programs, promote financial education and management, and advocate for policies that promote inclusion for low-income consumers.

Many participants use social loans to pay down higher-cost debt.

Participants build their credit quickly and effectively.

On average $360 on interest saved per loan.
(based interest of alternative loan products)

Participants accessed 3 additional lines of credit.

Become a Lending Circles Provider

501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that provide direct services to low-income communities are eligible to apply to become Lending Circles providers. Does this sound like your organization? 
Get started now by completing this form

4 simple steps:

Let us know you’re interested by completing this form and registering for one of our upcoming webinars.

We’ll then send you an invitation to apply. The application process is simple and will help us determine the scope of work, whether Lending Circles is a good fit, and an estimated cost.

Together, we reach an implementation agreement and finalize the cost. Don’t worry if funding is a concern. We have some ideas that can help (your Executive Director or CEO must be involved in this step).

Then the fun begins! We’ll get you set up with our awesome tools and we’ll supply all the training you need to successfully implement Lending Circles in your community.

Bring Lending Circles to your community:


Email us at 
We’re always listening.
Phone: (888)274-4808

In the News

“Sometimes it can be hard to come up with $465,” says Gustavo Cerritos, 22, an immigrant being helped by Mission Asset Fund.”

“Nonprofits and government organizations have stepped in to help: Mission Asset Fund, a nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area, is covering Amzi’s application, along with that of 6,000 other Dreamers.”

“I just don’t want money to be an excuse for people not applying,” said Ceja, who is a DACA recipient himself.”

“These are families that want to give to society and help build this society. I’ve lived it—that’s my family.”