DACA Fee Assistance Program

After years of repeated attacks, DACA is now fully restored! Today and every day, MAF stands in solidarity with all of the young immigrants who call America home. Dreamers are #HereToStay – and we’re here to ensure that the $495 filing fee isn’t a financial barrier for those looking to renew or apply to DACA for the first time.

কিভাবে এটা কাজ করে

MAF’s DACA Fee Assistance is a $247.50 loan with a matching $247.50 grant that covers the $495 filing fee to apply for DACA.

  • If approved, you will receive a $495 check made out to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

  • Half of the funds ($247.50) is a grant and does not need to be repaid. The other half ($247.50) is a zero-interest loan.

  • Monthly payments of $24.75 will be automatically debited from your checking account for 10 months. Your loan payment activity won’t impact your credit history since this is not a credit-building loan.

  • Be eligible to apply for DACA. We encourage you to consult an immigration lawyer or a nonprofit legal service provider to confirm eligibility and required documents before applying.

  • Be ready to submit your DACA application to USCIS.

  • Be able to provide a copy of your photo ID, such as an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), driver’s license, or other valid government-issued photo ID.

*Depending on what type of DACA fee assistance you qualify for, there may be additional program requirements, such as proof of income and a valid checking account in your name.




Make sure you are eligible for the DACA program. Once you have your immigration paperwork completed and ready to file to USCIS, submit a pre-application for MAF’s DACA Fee Assistance.



Depending on eligibility, equity, and available funding, we will invite you to submit a full application for DACA Fee Assistance or direct you to other resources.


Get the check!

If your MAF application is approved, we’ll mail you a $495 check made out to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which you can send to USCIS along with your completed DACA application.

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