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Check out our financial products and services

Here, you’ll find workshops, one-on-one financial coaching, or applying for our loans. If you need to connect with our team to receive 1-on-1 assistance, learn about our products or explore MyMAF, we’re here to support you!

More resources

Keep exploring alternatives to improve your strategy to access capital and learn more about how to prepare your business for this challenge.

One-on-one coaching session

Make an appointment for financial coaching

Joining Lending Circles

Tanda. Susu. Paluwagan. Hui. If you’ve ever joined one of these, then you’ve participated in a version of Lending Circles! Join us to learn how MAF’s Lending Circles program can help you save, build credit, and achieve financial goals with people in your community.

Lending Circles for Business

Get a 0% interest microloan to start, run, or grow your business.

An easy way to find what you need

4 different options that can help to understand your business needs and be ready to face any challenge.

Access to capital to my business

Discover funding options to start or grow your business. Simples steps can help you to find the correct source of capital.

Access to financial education

You can directly access and learn different resources to achieve your financial goals. Tailored content for you.

Access to Business Resources

Connect with resources that can help you to keep moving forward with your business idea or your next business challenge.