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‘Invisible’ Credit? (Read This Now!)

New-York-Times-Social-Logo“If Congress passed a law requiring everyone in the United States to get a license to be considered for a job, rent an apartment or buy a car, the nation would rise up in protest. The irony is that such a system already exists and its validity is rarely questioned: the license is, of course, your credit score.”


by: David Bornstein

Citi opens tech-packed San Francisco flagship branch

Untitled-1“Citibank today celebrated the opening of its latest flagship branch in the heart of San Francisco. The 6,400-square-foot branch, located at the corner of Post and Kearny Streets in the city’s financial district, features Citi ‘smart banking’ technology in addition to the full range of Citi products and services.”

by Citi


DACA Loans for Low-income Applicants

brookings_logo“As tens of thousands of DACA recipients prepare to submit renewals for their two-year deportation relief, they will need to once again come up with $465 for the application fee. While renewal requests require less documentation than the initial application, the fee remains the same.”

by Audrey Singer and  


US immigration scheme totters as migrant crisis worsens

The-Guardian-logo-square-e1396482361268 “Many Daca recipients are unprepared for the job hunt. Those living in Central Valley, California, whose parents are mostly farm workers, have run into yet another problem: lack of access to the internet. Off-the-books work experience also doesn’t help.

To get the money for the application, many migrants appeal to lending circles like the Mission Asset Fund. ”

by Jana Kasperkevic


Where Credit is Due

1424426_646855615366772_1760095743_n “When Alicia Villanueva started selling her tamales, she went door to door to hawk the homemade bundles of savory masa and corn husks from her native Sinaloa. But at about 100 tamales a week, she could only make a little extra cash to help make ends meet, and didn’t have the funds to set up a real shop. She found a small angel investor by turning back toward her community—a group who pools their money into a shared fund.”

by Michelle Chen