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A New Glass Ceiling


Social entrepreneurs blending business savvy with public mission are crafting new means to meet old goals. These innovators range from the Mission Continues (which helps veterans reenter society through service), to the Mission Asset Fund’s “Lending Circles,” which are helping immigrants assimilate in the San Francisco Bay Area, to the hybrid high school/community college/vocational training that is boosting a mostly minority student body at San Antonio’s Alamo Academies.

by Ronald Brownstein


Mission Asset Fund and Grassroots Finance

” You’ve probably read a lot recently about San Francisco being ravaged by gentrification and economic inequality. But some innovative grassroots initiatives are making immigrant families and neighborhoods more economically resilient, by lending them a helping hand, or rather, lending them some money, and helping them pursue their dreams. The Mission Asset Fund has been working with the Latino community of San Francisco to give people access to no-cost loans, based on a traditional system of lending circles, also known as tandas.”

by Michelle Chen


Reforming laws won’t be enough. Immigrants need financial help, too.

581719_10151580093432293_509574179_n“Nobody quite knows what immigration reform will looks like, much less when it will happen, but one thing’s for sure: Under a new law, immigrants would be asked to pay at least several hundred dollars in fees for the privilege of becoming U.S. citizens, not to mention all the back taxes they might owe.”

by Lydia Depillis