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Emergency Financial Relief
For Students, Immigrants, and Workers Left Out

MAF Launches COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is exposing what we have always known: our nation’s deep inequities and broken safety-net programs leave millions of people without help or relief. Today, we are seeing the painful reality for those who don’t have the luxuries of paid sick leave, unemployment benefits, or social safety net protections to help them weather this storm.

MAF’s Rapid Response Fund will connect people with the resources and emergency relief they need to weather this storm.

COVID-19 Resources Finder

MAF’s in-house application connects people directly to resources that they may be eligible for, saving time and effort navigating through complex programs and services.

Direct Cash Grants

MAF will distribute $500 cash grants to people who can’t or won’t receive a government aid or relief during this crisis. People need cash – and the freedom to decide how to use it best. No repayment necessary.

Emergency Bridge Loans

Zero interest emergency loans help small business owners get through the economic crisis. With no repayments due for the first 6 months, these loans will help entrepreneurs until business recovers.

Looking for financial help? Find out what’s available here:

Immigrant Families Fund

Grants for immigrant families who aren’t eligible to receive a Federal coronavirus stimulus check and have lost income due to the pandemic.

CA College Student Fund

Grants for undergraduate students at a California public college who have completed at least one year of coursework and demonstrate financial need.

LA Young Creatives Fund

Grants for young creatives between the ages of 18 and 30 who are living in LA County and have lost a significant share of income due to the pandemic.

Join us to ensure that no one is left out

With generous support from philanthropists and community members, we’re raising money to put directly into the hands of the people who need it most: low income and immigrant families who rely on informal, part time, or gig work; small business owners, artists, and entrepreneurs devastated by the economic collapse; and college students who won’t receive government checks or unemployment benefits. 

Every dollar contributed to MAF’s Rapid Response Fund is distributed directly to grantees and borrowers.

Here’s where the money is going

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a grant from the Rapid Response Fund?

The Rapid Response Fund will provide emergency financial relief to students, immigrants, and workers who are being left behind by the government’s response. To demonstrate eligibility for a grant, students, for example, will need to provide a copy of their transcript and financial need. Workers, artists, and small business owners who have lost work or hours need to show their 1099s or other proof of alternative work arrangements. Specific requirements will vary depending on the program, but in every case MAF’s COVID-19 Resources Finder will help applicants determine what benefits are available to them.

How much do applicants receive?

MAF’s Rapid Response Fund provides $500 direct grants to students, low income, and immigrant households who are otherwiseineligible for government support. All grants are unrestricted in order to help people cover whatever is most pressing in their lives. The Fund also provides zero interest bridge loans of $2,500 for small business owners. All applicants apply through MAF’s Coronavirus Resources Finder –an application that pulls together the resources that are available for each applicant, including federal, state, and local programs. The application outlines 3-4 eligible programs or support for each applicant, including –where applicable –MAF cash grants and bridge loans, like MAF’s Rapid Response Fund.

How quickly will funds be disbursed?

We understand that timing is critical: once an application is received and approved, funds will be deposited directly into grantee and borrower accounts to minimize delays and hardships. Estimated time of disbursement is 72 hours from application approval.

Where does my money go?

One hundred percent of contributions to MAF’s Rapid Response Fund goes directly to the people who need itmost. Our number one priority is helping people who are affected by the crisis but don’t have anywhere else to turn. We’ll conduct separate fundraising to cover our organization’s costs.

Coronavirus Rapid Response Fund Supporters

In times like these, it is important to know that we are not alone in this work. MAF is grateful to have the leadership and support of our philanthropic partners to mobilize critical resources for our community members.

The SHP Foundation

MacKenzie Scott
Sergey Brin Family Foundation
Connie & Bob Lurie
Jim & Becky Morgan
Gloria Principe and John O’Farrell
Tammy & Bill Crown
The George and Judy Marcus Family Foundation
The Janet and Clinton Reilly Family Foundation
Mark & Mary Stevens
Kristen Campbell Reed

Forever Strong Fund
Andrew & Marina Martin Family Fund
Neukermans Family Fund
John Fisher & Raphaela Lipinsky DeGette
Miriam Muscarolas & Grant Abramson
David & Susan Tunnell
John Blatz & Meghan Kelly
Violet World Foundation
Fresh Cut Creative
Susan Steinhauser & Daniel Greenberg