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Immigrant Families Recovery Program

Building a better way forward – and a better future – for immigrants families left out of federal support.

The first guaranteed income program designed specifically for immigrant families, paired with financial services and resources to build back faster. An immigrant family of four lost out on $11,400 in federal payments — money that could have helped families pay for rent and put food on the table.


Each family enrolled in the program receives $400 per month for up to two years. Families can use this however they choose — no strings attached.


It will take more than cash alone to rebuild: families can choose from one-on-one financial coaching, group education, and self-advocacy training.


Families are the experts in their own lives. Their journeys and insights will inform the field. Their recovery will set the stage for positive change.

How it works

With equity front and center, the Immigrant Families Recovery Program focuses on low-income immigrant families with young children who remain excluded from federal support. It’s not a simple solution: people lead complex lives. The Immigrant Families Recovery Program brings together the best of finance and technology to ensure all families have the relevant tools and resources to rebuild.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the Immigrant Families Recovery Program?

We’re starting by sending invitations to apply to the program to eligible families who previously received an Immigrant Families Grant from MAF. We’re inviting immigrant families with young children who have been excluded from federal relief.

How do I apply?

Invitees will receive an email with steps on how to complete an application through MAF’s secure portal.

How can I support this program?

Your contribution goes directly to the monthly guaranteed income that goes into families’ pockets.

Get Involved

Excluded from federal COVID-19 relief, immigrant families face a long road to rebuild. It will take all of us – as activists, policymakers, partners, philanthropists, and friends – showing up, doing more, and doing better to ensure a recovery for all families.


We’re bringing all that we have to bear to help immigrant families rebuild. But we can’t do it alone. Join us and donate today to support families on the road to financial recovery.


Our nation’s social safety net helped many households survive COVID-19, but millions of immigrant families were excluded. Learn why a guaranteed income is essential to a financial recovery for all families.


In true partnership, families in the program are sharing their stories and strategies as they rebuild. Sign up to hear from families and get real-time insights about what is working on the road to recovery.

Immigrant Families Recovery Program Supporters

Thank you to our partners for stepping up to ensure a recovery for all families.