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Lending Circles is a gateway to empower our community

Because your future is bright

Lending Circles turns a common community practice into a credit-building activity that changes lives


We report to all three major credit bureaus. On average, participants increased credit scores by 168 points.


You’ll get access to the money you need while helping other members of your community, too.


Your information is encrypted, secure, and private. We use electronic payments to guarantee that you get your money.


Choose from a wide range of online financial education courses to help you meet your financial goals.

How it works

Across the world, friends and family come together to lend money to each other. With Lending Circles, we’ve transformed this practice into a safe way to build your credit. Typical monthly payments are between $50-$200.

Lending Circles are formed between 6-12 people, and the loan amount ranges from as little as $300 to $2,400.

Each month, a new member of the Lending Circle receives the loan until everyone in the group gets their chance.

“Building credit helped me rent a safe place to call home.”

Helen, San Francisco, CA

The Lending Circles Program


  • Fill out an online application

  • Take the online financial education courses
  • Decide loan amount and loan order

  • Sign loan documents
  • Payments reported to credit bureaus

  • Receive loan when it’s your turn

Download our free mobile app

This app helps you track your progress, view your loans, payment history, and details about your program. You’ll also get updates and reminders about your program through the app.

In the News

“MAF offered something no bank would: a chunk of cash and a chance to build a credit score.”

“The loan has zero interest, and the monthly payment is reported to credit bureaus to help participants build or repair their credit scores.”

“Visionary leadership…providing low-income and minority families with the means to secure safe credit, participate more fully in the American economy, and obtain financial security.”

“Clients use the money to pay off other high-interest loans, as savings or toward small business expenses.”