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Financial Education at your fingertips

The MAF Learning Hub is an online platform that gives you access to culturally relevant financial education content and resources to help you build financial confidence. It offers a wide range of interactive courses and tools to support you on your financial journey. With the MAF Learning Hub, you will have access to a collection of learning materials that you can access anywhere, anytime.

The MAF Learning Hub is built by MAF, a trusted non-profit and financial institution serving the community for over 15 years.

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Take control of your
financial education

The MAF Learning Hub is a platform designed to help you take control and acheive your financial goals with confidence. It’s key features make it the perfect tool to support your learning journey.


Comprehensive Courses:

 Explore a variety of courses covering essential financial topics such as credit, savings, self-employment, and more.

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Interactive Learning:

Engage in a fun and interactive learning journey with videos, quizzes, and hands-on activities that make learning engaging and enjoyable.

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Track Your Progress:

Monitor your achievements and see your growth. The progress tracking feature helps you visualize your accomplishments and stay motivated.

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Relevant and Timely Information

The MAF Learning Hub is a growing resource. As your financial life and goals change, so will the hub to continue to support you. The hub will be constantly updated with new content and resources as we learn about emerging needs from community partners and clients.

The MAF Learning Hub is built as a platform you can rely on and access based on your needs, ensuring that you always have something new to learn.

You get full access to videos on topics including:

Prepare your finances for immigration emergency

How to open a checking account

How to become self-employed

Lending Circles Loan Program Requirement

A simple platform for complex lives

Since the beginning, MAF’s goal has been to create access to programs and resources to support communities to achieve their full economic potential. We know everyone lives complex financial lives with many responsibilities, so we designed the MAF Learning Hub to support you even if you only have a few minutes a day. The MAF Learning Hub is a flexible platform that can be accessed on a personal computer or handheld device. It provides easily digestible and understandable content that you can explore at your own convenience and pace.