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An App for Your Financial Journey

This app gives you control in your financial journey. You’ll get financial education, tools, and resources to create a personalized action plan. Use it to track your progress and celebrate reaching your goals! MyMAF is built by Mission Asset Fund, a trusted nonprofit and financial institution serving the community for 10+ years.

Available in English and Spanish.

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Boost Your
Financial Skills

You already know a lot about money. But we all get stumped, sometimes. How do I build my credit or protect my identity? In 10 minutes, you’ll get the education you need to take the next step. Chart your own journey by learning new strategies or financial tips on-the-go.

You get full access to videos on topics including:

  • Checking Accounts, Overdraft, Savings, Taxes

  • Credit, Credit Cards, Credit Scores & Reports

  • Auto Loans, Prepaid Cards, Payday Loans

  • Student Loans, 529 Plans

  • Insurance, Estate Planning, Investment, Mortgages


Make it Happen with an Action Plan

Learning about money or credit is one thing. But making a change or setting a goal is another. With helpful resources and tools, it’s easy to follow through. You’ll get to create an easy-to-follow financial plan designed just for you.


Financial Programs
at Your Fingertips

When you’re a MAF client, you don’t have to wait for monthly statements to see what’s happening. This app helps you track your progress, view your loans, and get payment reminders. If you haven’t joined a program yet, you’ll get information on our free financial programs designed to take action on your financial goals.


Mighty Tools

Financial Videos & Tips

Watch videos on 26 different topics to learn on the go – and access financial tips on how to build credit, build savings, and prepare for financial emergencies.

Credit Score

View your FICO® Score to keep track of where you are on your financial journey. Understand what factors are affecting your score and access resources to boost your credit knowledge.

Action Plan

Build a personalized financial plan and access resources to help you complete them. Return to the app to track your progress and celebrate your achievements!

MAF Program

View your current and past loans, payment history, and details about your program. You’ll also get updates and reminders about your program through the app.

English & Spanish

Access the app in English or Spanish and switch between the two languages whenever you want! Go to your settings to change your language preferences. 


Get updates from the app to stay on track on your journey. You’ll only receive a few notifications a month from us to help you succeed financially.

More Features Coming Soon

MyMAF is currently in limited release, but we have new features coming soon! In our next release, you will be able to set specific goals, get guided toward building a savings plan, and more tools to track your progress toward those goals. You’ll also get a virtual coach to guide you with helpful tips and reminders.

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Download our free mobile app

This app helps you track your progress, view your loans, payment history, and details about your program. You’ll also get updates and reminders about your program through the app.

Questions or Feedback?

MyMAF app is currently in its first release so we’d love to hear your feedback. Get in touch with us with your thoughts, questions, or if you want to help us build future releases!

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