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Responding to immigration enforcement

For those in the immigrant community, the numerous reports of raids by enforcement officials may give rise to a greater sense of fear. But those in the immigrant community can take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their assets and belongings. Mohan Kanungo, director of programs & engagement at Mission Asset Fund, encouraged individuals to become more educated on “how to protect your money, how to protect your belongings, and creating and emergency plan.”

“Immigration related emergencies can have a significant impact on pocketbooks,” said Kanungo.

For instance, Kanungo said, the national average cost of a bail bond is about $10,000. In addition, having legal representation during these bond hearings can average anywhere from $3-5,000. Transfer of guardianship is about $2-4,000, and on top of these already high expenses, individuals involved in this process have other monthly bill payments to consider as well.

by Jessica Lim