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Programs that build on the strengths of our communities

Lending Circles: 0% interest credit-building loans

All over the world, friends, and family lend and borrow money together. This concept goes by different names – tandas, susus, cundinas, paluwagan, etc. Lending Circles builds on this common practice to create a safe program that helps you build your credit.


    0% interest social loan for any purpose


    Up to $2,400

Business Programs

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our communities. Whether you’ve just developed a business plan, you’re looking to formalize your business, or you want to upgrade your business, our programs offer tailored support and financial assistance to business owners at all stages of their journey.


    0% interest loan to start or expand your business

    Up to $2,500

Immigration Programs

An application fee shouldn’t stand in the way of securing immigration protection. If you’re eligible to apply for Citizenship, Adjustment of status or green card, or Temporary Protected Status renewal, we’re offering loans that cover the cost of the USCIS filing fee.


    0% interest loans to pay for USCIS application fees


    Citizenship ($760), Adjustment of status for green card ($1,440), Temporary Protective Status Renewal ($600)


Financial Education

Our free financial education courses will give you the knowledge to reach your financial goals. Choose from 25+ modules about savings, mortgages, and credit.

Mobile Access

Our program is convenient and mobile-friendly. You can access the application, financial education courses, and your loan statements right from your mobile device!

Client support

Our team is available to provide assistance and support throughout the program. We’ll work with you to make sure that you’re set up for success.



“I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business, and now I do.”

Veronica, Owner of El Huarache Loco, Larkspur, CA

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