Find resources to help you weather
the coronavirus pandemic


MAF Launches coronavirus resources finder tool

This project seeks to quickly connect individuals accross the U.S. to financial resources needed.

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the intake form (no personal identifiable information asked). Based on information provided, we’ll match you with resources you may be eligible for.

How it works

Complete Form

Click on the “Find Resources” button and answer a few questions. You won’t be asked for personal information.

Get Matched Results

Based on your answers and program qualifications, we’ll give you a list of resources that you may be eligible for.

Access Resources

Your personalized list is a springboard for resources – be sure to follow up and apply directly for the support you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What geographic area does the resources finder tool cover?

All the U.S., it connects people across the country to the resources they need. We’ve pulled together some of the major resources available – including federal, state, and local support. This is not an exhaustive list and we need your help to improve it. 

There is a resource that I know of but is not listed. Is there anyway to add it?

We intentionally made this tool open to collaboration: local community members, nonprofits, and anyone else can add additional resources they know about. Before we add to the pool, MAF will vet them.

Do I have to have a social security number to use COVID-19 Resources Finder?

We will not ask for personally-identifiable information when you fill out the COVID-19 Resources Finder form. We just need some basic information about you, your family, and your needs. We ask questions like what zip code you live in, what type of work you have, and whether you’re a student.

Is MAF offering financial assistance?

MAF’s COVID-19 Resources Finder is set up to connect people with the resources they need. The best way to find what’s available to you is to fill out the form and find out what relief, from MAF and others, you are eligible for.

Is it safe to share my information?

Yes! We do not ask for any personally-identifiable information to use the Resources Finder tool. We just need basic information about you, and your needs. If you apply for one of our programs, you can be assured that our online application is fully encrypted, secured, and we maintain industry-leading safeguards to protect client data.



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