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MAF Lab Spotlight: Shruti Dev

Meet Shruti Dev, MAF’s first Technical Project Manager in the MAF Lab. Shruti came to MAF from the for-profit sector with a background as a developer and business systems analyst in healthcare.

As Shruti has moved onto other opportunities, we asked her to reflect on her time at MAF.

MAF: How would you describe your role as a Technical Project Manager?

SD: I am responsible to for taking all our projects to the finish line without issues and also maintaining projects post-release. I develop requirements documents, scope projects, test all features and come up with new workarounds and solutions to resolve issues. I collaborate with our offshore developers and internal teams on a daily basis to remove roadblocks in projects we are working on.

I also dabble in all new technology that MAF uses to make sure we have some expertise to resolve issues or knowledge of who to reach out to to resolve those issues. Communication technical problems to non-technical staff and vice versa is also a major part of the job.

MAF: What accomplishment are you most proud of at MAF?

SD: There are so many! Every project I do seems like an accomplishment to me because everything that is done is MAF is so new and something that I personally have not done before. But the proudest accomplishment has to be setting up Spacedesk (MAF’s internal help desk) which is helping all the staff to raise their issues and MAF Lab to resolve them in a timely manner. I’m also proud of transitioning the organization to Salesforce Lightning (because I see people using in more often) and setting up SMS through Twilio.

But any list will be incomplete without mentioning MyMAF, which is now in hands of so many. That, of course, is a team effort rather than individual, but I like to add it as an accomplishment during my tenure at MAF.

MAF: What have you learned from your time working at MAF

SD: I have learned so much at MAF about the human connection and how technology can be used for good. I learned new things from my coworkers, from the systems we use, and from our clients. The client stories always inspired me. Every day there is some new technology that we are tackling and I learned so much about the up and coming technologies which I have never heard of before. I learned that there is no written formula for success but you just have to work hard and stay on the mission and think about your clients in order to succeed.

I also learned that its possible to create an open and diverse workplace. MAF is so diverse and accepts different people from different backgrounds and cultures with open arms. If you work hard, you don’t have to let go of all the fun, you can still have happy hours and staff retreats and take a breather to enjoy all the successes you have.

Every day at MAF was a true learning experience for me.

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