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Dito upang makatulong: gumanti sa pinakabagong utos ng korte ng DACA

A third federal judge has issued a new DACA ruling. While the first two injunctions re-opened the program for the foreseeable future, this order is the first time since September 5, 2017 that there’s been a glimmer of hope that the Department of Homeland Security could be ordered to resume taking new DACA applications – and not just accept renewals. This opens up new opportunities for eligible Dreamers who are struggling to make ends meet without a work permit and are in fear of their safety and stability. With no viable Dream Act making its way through congress, the current DACA program is one of the only rays of light.

Within 90 days – per the court order – we should know more from DHS and the courts about what will come to pass. But instead of just waiting, we are taking action to help more people adjust their immigration status as soon as they can. With rising ICE raids, toxic stress and fear rampant in immigrant families from so many heartbreaking cases of families being torn apart, we must do what we can to help right now.

This is how we resist: with new and expanded programs that meet the urgent needs of our communities. This is our way of saying: We are here. We are ready. Here’s an infographic that’s easy to share:

To recap:

  • DACA renewals continue to be accepted. If you are able to renew, we recommend doing it as soon as possible. If you need financial assistance, we’re here to help.
  • No new DACA applications are being accepted (but stay tuned – we will know more in the next 1-3 months).
  • You might be eligible for other ways to adjust your immigration status. We recommend connecting with an attorney through to see if you might be eligible for legal permanent residence or other programs.


What we’re doing about it:

  • Offering 0% interest loans for DACA, TPS, Green Cards, Citizenship & more to California residents. Matuto nang higit pa.
  • Providing fee assistance & referrals to people facing extreme economic hardship. Contact us for more info.
  • Hosting trainings on starting your own business (a viable way to have a job if you don’t have a work permit). Sign up now.


How you can help:

  • Share the knowledge: Encourage family and friends to renew their DACA now or start preparing now in case DHS starts accepting new applications in the next few months.
  • Stand with Immigrants! Help us keep these programs going by donating or encouraging your friends and family to donate. Start a fundraiser with your friends or join a team of fundraisers and send a message to the world that you stand with immigrants!


Paglabas ng Press: 5,000+ DACA na pag-renew ng scholarship na magagamit na ngayon

Pakikipag-ugnay sa Media:
(888) 274-4808 x206
[email protected]

$2,500,000+ Fund to Help Dreamers Renew DACA by October 5

San Francisco, CA – September 22, 2017 – Mission Asset Fund (MAF) today announced it has surpassed its original fundraising goal and will now be able to provide $2,500,000 in scholarships to 5,000+ Dreamers to pay for DACA renewals by the October 5 deadline.

Early this month, the Trump administration announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program is ending. DACA has provided security, safety, and a livelihood for 800,000 young people commonly known as “Dreamers.” Of the 154,000 Dreamers eligible to renew their DACA permits before the program ends in six months, most will be able to cover the application costs themselves. For those Dreamers who are eligible for renewal but can’t afford the $495 application fee, MAF is stepping in with a solution now available nationwide: scholarships to help Dreamers renew their DACA status (

Between now and the October 5 deadline, MAF will provide 5,000+ Dreamers with scholarships of $495 to renew their DACA permit. 3,000+ scholarships across the United States have already been issued to DACA recipients through this fund. Dreamers are urged to not delay – sending in their applications before the October 5 deadline is crucial – get a scholarship in 48 hours at Capital to finance these scholarships come from the DACA Renewal Fund, launched earlier this month with growing support from the philanthropic community.

"Nagulat kami at kinilabutan nang malaman na tinapos ni Pangulong Trump ang DACA," sabi ni José Quiñonez, CEO ng MAF at 2016 MacArthur na "Genius" Fellow. Dagdag pa niya, "Sumugod kami sa aksyon sa sandaling nakita namin ang isang maliit na bintana ng pagkakataong tulungan ang libu-libong mga Dreamer na baguhin ang kanilang katayuan sa pangangalaga. Ang oras upang matulungan ang mga kabataan ay ngayon. "

DACA recipients with a permit expiring between now and March 5 across the nation are eligible to receive the scholarships. As time is of the essence, this online scholarship will be processed within a day, with same-day checks available in San Francisco and by overnight mail in other parts of the country.

Ang MAF ay may mahabang kasaysayan ng pakikipagtulungan sa mga Dreamers at nakatulong sa daan-daang magbayad para sa mga bayarin sa aplikasyon ng DACA gamit ang isang 0% interest loan. Ang inisyatiba na ito - nag-aalok ng mga scholarship sa loob ng 24-48 na oras sa mga Dreamer - ay nabubuo sa track record na ito ng tagumpay. Ang mga tatanggap ng DACA na may mga expiring permit ay hinihikayat na bisitahin at mag apply agad.

Philanthropic supporters of this fund include: the Weingart Foundation, The California Endowment, The James Irvine Foundation, The Marin Community Foundation, The Klarman Family Foundation, The Crankstart Foundation, The Chavez Family Foundation, The San Francisco Foundation, The Department of OCEIA in SF, and from the generosity of individual donors across the country.

Tungkol sa MAF

Mpaglabas ng Asset Fund Ang (MAF) ay isang 501c3 nonprofit sa isang misyon na bumuo ng isang patas na pamilihan sa pananalapi para sa lahat. Mahigit sa 7,000 katao sa buong bansa ang gumamit ng mga programang serbisyong pampinansyal na nagwagi ng MAF upang madagdagan ang mga marka ng kredito, magbayad ng utang, at makatipid para sa mahahalagang layunin tulad ng pagiging may-ari ng bahay, mag-aaral, o mamamayan ng Estados Unidos. Kasalukuyang namamahala ang MAF ng isang pambansang network ng higit sa 50 mga tagabigay ng Lending Circles in 17 states and Washington, D.C.

Pagkamamamayan para sa mga New York

The $725 application fee is keeping one million New Yorkers from becoming citizens.

Building a wall, the Muslim and refugee ban, sanctuary cities, an uncertain future for DREAMers: under the current administration, immigrants from all walks of life are under attack.

In February, NPR reported that even green card holders are afraid; they’re now applying for citizenship at unprecedented rates.

That’s because citizenship offers protection and security.

America has a long history of welcoming people from all over the world. During the last decade, the U.S. added more than 6.6 million citizens into the fabric of our nation, with 730,000 in 2015 alone. But there are many people eligible for citizenship who don’t apply.

One of the biggest barriers? Cost.

Lending Circles can pave the way to opportunity.

In the 2017 State of the State Book, Governor Cuomo makes a commitment to protect the safety, security, and dignity of immigrants. In just a few months, nonprofits in New York State will be able to offer Lending Circles loans to people who can’t afford to become citizens or lack access to financial products.

Why is this work critical?

  • Because immigrants represent one out of five New Yorkers and contribute significantly to the state’s economy as business owners, workers, consumers, and taxpayers.
  • Nearly one million New Yorkers are eligible to become U.S. citizens, but many are unable to do so because they cannot afford the $725 application fee.
  • While some qualify for fee waivers, this cost barrier stands between 158,000 New Yorkers and citizenship.
  • MAF is proud to join forces with the good people of the State of New York to pave the way to financial security for New Yorkers through 0% interest loans.

Want to help?

  • Get informed. Check out the State of the State book (page 172).
  • Get invested. Any new expansion or effort requires new support. Help us build our Lending Circles community in New York!

Curious about our NY partners?

  • Check them out dito.

Mga Nanalong 2016 Super-Partner Awards

These fabulous #LCHeroes took home prizes at the Lending Circles Summit

When MAF was founded in the Mission District of San Francisco in 2007, the vision was always to grow. MAF’s leadership and supporters saw the potential of taking Lending Circles to communities across the country, to make affordable, safe loans and credit-building opportunities available to as many people as possible.

And oh, how we’ve grown! Since 2007, MAF has grown into a national network of over 50 mga tagabigay ng Lending Circles in 17 states (and Washington, D.C.) across the country.

The Lending Circles Summit that took place in October was an opportunity to learn, to share strategies, and, of course, to celebrate. And celebrate we did. Lunchtime on the second day of the Summit was a formal affair: Elena and Mohan, Directors of Partners & Programs, gave out 12 awards to exceptional Lending Circles partners. The prizes: custom-made action figures.

Here are the winners.

The Squad Award: For outstanding commitment to PAC

Some squads are legendary, like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Squad Award goes to the 7 outstanding members of MAF’s newly formed Partner Advisory Council (PAC) who have pooled their talents and strengths to form an unbeatable squad.

Jorge Blandón (FII), Leisa Boswell (SF LGBT Center), Madeline Cruz (The Resurrection Project), Rob Lajoie (Peninsula Family Services), Gricelda Montes (El Centro De La Raza), Judy Elling Przybilla (Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership)  & Alejandro Valenzuela Jr. (CLUES)

The Little Giant Award: For creating huge results with a small team

This partner has proven that big things can come in small packages. This award goes to a partner with a small staff that has worked together exceptionally well to create big results.

Center for Changing Lives (Chicago, IL)

The Wacky Races Award: For creating a culture of fun and humor

This is a partner that understands that the prescription for vibrant relationships is a good laugh. From movie nights to scavenger hunts, this organization remembers to keep it fun. We recognize this partner for cultivating a meaningful culture with roots in humor.

Game Theory Academy (Oakland, CA)

The Batman Award: For soaring high with a 0% default rate

One of the most known and recognized, this partner continues to “spread its wings” with Lending Circles and soar very high with a 0% default rate and over $125k in loan volume.

Fremont Family Resource Center (Fremont, CA)

The Force Awakens Award: For being a force to reckon with

This partner is newer on the scene, but has already proven itself as an adept user of The Force like Finn and Rey. They advocate for their community, ask great questions, and continue taking on new challenges in the spirit of serving their clients.

Hacienda CDC (Portland, OR)

The Thor Award: For demonstrating enduring strength

This provider has flexed its Lending Circles muscles by running three different programs: Lending Circles, Lending Circles for Citizenship, and Lending Circles for Deferred Action.

Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) (Los Angeles, CA)

The Wonder Woman Award: For exceptional support for women

This heroic provider works with many immigrant women who are establishing economic independence in the US for the first time.

Chinese Community Center (Houston, TX)

The Falcon Award: For elevating the conversation

The Falcon Award goes to a Lending Circles provider that really knows how to speak up and “Tweet!” This award goes to an organization who is actively sharing creative, informative (and bilingual!) content, both about their programs & about relevant news and current events.

Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) (Washington, D.C.)

The Flash Award: For remarkable implementation speed

This relatively new provider has hit the ground running so fast that if you blink, you might miss them! They formed four Lending Circles within their first five months. We’re blown away by this world record for speed and excited to see what more is in store.

Korean Youth + Community Center (Los Angeles, CA)

The Spiderman Award: For casting extensive webs of support

This “friendly, neighborhood” superhero uses all tools at their disposal – social media, press opportunities, referrals, and creative events like Lending Circles brunches – to cast extensive webs of relationships. They even describe Lending Circles outreach as “a breeze”!

The Resurrection Project (Chicago, IL)

The Yoda Award: For sharing a wealth of wisdom

This learned and wise partner was one of the first to join the Lending Circles network. Since then, they’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge. But what’s even more amazing is how generous they are with their expertise. Just like Yoda, they are a mentor and coach, and they spread their wisdom across the galaxy.

The San Francisco LGBT Community Center (San Francisco, CA)

The Iron Man Award: For leveraging technology for good

Check out this tech-savvy superhero! They’ve really figured out how to combine technology and social justice. In addition to offering Lending Circles, this organization regularly partners with FinTech startups to offer their community members new apps to meet their clients where they are and help them reach their financial goals.

Catalyst Miami (Miami, FL)

Congratulations, #LCHeroes!

LC Summit 16: Nangungunang 16 na Sandali

16 reasons why you can’t miss the next Lending Circles Summit

Call me biased, but here are 16 reasons why the LC Summit was not only beautiful but hands-down one of the most exciting conferences of 2016:

1. This amazingly smart team built a prototype of a “Document Drone” to make sure that forgetting your bank statement at home wouldn’t cause unnecessary delays for hardworking clients at the Go Go Gadget Arm: Build an App with Design Thinking Workshop hosted by Catapult Design.

2. You gotta love this high-flying #LCHero sneakily enlisting the help of her friend to make her cape fly! First glance at this, and I didn’t even realize there was a hand there.

3. When the Yoda Award (for “Sharing a Wealth of Wisdom”) was awarded to the SF LGBT Center. Yes! Leisa Boswell said it best at the opening night reception: “The LGBT community has always been one of chosen family. We have had to take care of each other when our given families would not. Communities take care of their own.” Speak, Leisa, Speak.

4. When we realized that Pedro Diaz from The Resurrection Project is in fact a doppelganger of Gustavo, a famous DREAMer client who used Lending Circles to apply for DACA. Even Pedro agreed. He was all like “yeah – I can totally see it.”

5. Hearing Fred Wherry speak is like food for your brain and your soul. He said “When we hear but don’t listen, we risk obstructing justice rather than advancing it.”

6. When Holly Minch from Lightbox Collaborative was literally jumping during her True Heroes: Engaging Clients in a Digital Age panel. This woman loves a good GAME Plan! There’s nothing like that kind of energy.

7. When you got to demo the Lending Circles App! Right? You might have been confused – was this a nonprofit or tech conference? Sidenote: We also got to hear Santos (his lovely mug is in the App banner) speak on the How to be a Hero of Your Own Story panel, and be upfront about how his mom made him do Lending Circles. Listen to your mother, folks.

8. When Mohan enthusiastically wore the “predatory lender shark hat” at the MAFterParty. It was weird. It was funny. But it also made for a very fun raffle experience. Here he is with Rob Lajoie from Peninsula Family Services winning the raffle to see a show at BATS Improv.

9. When the Lords of Print set up their screen printing station for t-shirts. It was seriously like watching Bumblebee transform back into a car.

10. José’s keynote address included an unexpected twist: he led the group in a brief guided meditation to launch us into the conference with open hearts and minds.

11. Oh the Pins, oh the Flair! Amazing superhero pins designed by Raul Barrera took off. Attendees won them for collecting business cards, speaking up and asking interesting questions, playing games, and completing challenges.

12. When Isabel from El Buen Comer shared tasty delights and an amazing story about food, family and love. Foodie tip: She has arguably the best Chilaquiles Verdes in all of SF.

13. Lending-Circles Fueled Chocolate Tres-Leches Cupcakes? Yes please. Missed out on this action? You can visit Elvia at La Luna Cupcakes in Crocker Galleria in SF.

14. #FutureisFemale all-woman panel Using Tech for Good at the Federal Reserve featured dynamos Mae Watson Grote, Megan McTiernan, Alexandra Bernadotte and Karina Moreno. Go, ladies!

15. When Judy from Fremont Family Resource Center responded responded to the question “Why is the lending circle program important to you?” with “It works!” Simple, yet persuasive.

16. When we saw six lightening fast tech demos in The Flash: ‘Super Speed’ Demos Showcasing Tech for Good workshop – from saving with EARN, coaching with Beyond 12, fighting payday lenders with Nerdwallet (pictured below), getting organized with, fundraising for good with Classy, and even using SMS to send a billion messages for good with Twilio.

Ready for the next one in 2018!?

Pinangalanan ni José Quiñonez ang isang 2016 MacArthur Fellow

The visionary Lending Circles program brings low-income communities out of the shadows.

Today, the MacArthur Foundation announced this year’s class of MacArthur Fellows. Among the short list of esteemed awardees is José Quiñonez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mission Asset Fund (MAF). The announcement has been covered by news outlets including the New York Times, the Poste ng Washington, at The LA Times.

The MacArthur Fellowship, often referred to as a “genius grant,” recognizes those with exceptional creativity, a track record of achievement, and the potential for significant contributions in the future. Each fellow receives a no-strings-attached stipend of $625,000 to support awardees’ pursuit of their creative visions. Since 1981, fewer than 1,000 people have been named MacArthur Fellows. Fellows are selected through a rigorous process that has involved thousands of expert and anonymous nominators, evaluators, and selectors over the years. Past fellows have included notable individuals like Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Alison Bechdel, and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

“This award is a high honor that recognizes the ingenuity of people who live in the shadows, who come together to help one another to survive and thrive in life. The award lifts up what is right and good in people’s lives – the trust and commitment they have for one another,” says Quiñonez.

According to the Foundation:

José A. Quiñonez is a financial services innovator creating a pathway to mainstream financial services and non-predatory credit for individuals with limited or no financial access. A disproportionate number of minority, immigrant, and low-income households are invisible to banks and credit institutions, meaning they have no checking or savings accounts (unbanked), make frequent use of nonbank financial services (underbanked), or lack a credit report with a nationwide credit-reporting agency. Without bank accounts or a credit history, it is nearly impossible to obtain safe loans for automobiles, homes, and businesses or to rent an apartment.

Quiñonez is helping individuals overcome these challenges by linking rotating credit associations or lending circles, a traditional cultural practice from Latin America, Asia, and Africa, to the formal financial sector. Lending circles are typically informal arrangements of individuals pooling their resources and distributing loans to one another. Through the Mission Asset Fund (MAF), Quiñonez has created a mechanism for reporting individuals’ repayment of small, zero-interest loans to credit bureaus and other financial institutions. MAF participants are able to establish a credit history and gain access to credit cards, bank loans, and other services, and lending circles focused on youth provide individuals with fees for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival applications and apartment security deposits (which are particularly needed by youth aging out of foster care). All participants are required to complete a financial training class and are provided with financial coaching and peer support. Since the lending circles were established in 2008, participants’ credit scores, collectively, have increased an average of 168 points.

Quiñonez has established a network of partnerships with the financial services industry to enable other organizations to replicate his approach. With Quiñonez and MAF providing the technology necessary to disperse and track loans (a significant hurdle for many nonprofits) and assisting in securing local partners and investors, 53 nonprofit providers in 17 states and the District of Columbia are now using this powerful model in their communities. Quiñonez’s visionary leadership is providing low-income and minority families with the means to secure safe credit, participate more fully in the American economy, and obtain financial security.

Felicidades, José!

Mas mahusay na Pagbuo: 2015 Taunang ulat

Take a look back on what you helped build in 2015 – and get a sneak peak at what’s next!

MAF’s 2015 Annual Report Building Better tells the story of what’s possible when we continually challenge ourselves to build better partnerships, better technology, and better programs.

In 2015, we’re proud to have built a diverse network of 53 nonprofits in 17 states and D.C.

With new partners, we’ve expanded our hubs in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and the Northwest. And we’re thrilled to celebrate over $5 million in zero-interest social loans that are helping thousands of hardworking students, parents, and entrepreneurs build brighter financial futures.

That means an entrepreneur like Sandra can get a zero-interest business loan to grow her inventory and reach new clients — all while building her credit. And a college student like Kimberly can secure Deferred Action to gain access to financial aid and attend the school of her dreams.

We did not do this alone.

Thanks to our funders, donors, board, and clients across the U.S., together we’re building better solutions to unlock the full economic potential of communities living in the financial shadows. Thank you for building with us to make that possible.

We couldn’t have created this report without extensive support from Dan Massey of Google and Billy Roh of Opendoor, who generously volunteered their time and talents to build an ever better annual report for us.

Find out what’s up next for MAF in 2016 by checking out our Annual Report dito!

Sinong itatanong mo ang mahalaga

Ang isang pag-uusap sa isang miyembro ng tagapagtatag ay naglalagay ng larawan kung ano ang maiambag ng isang bagong konseho na hinihimok ng miyembro sa programa ng Lending Circles.

Ito ay tungkol sa pagpapanatiling totoo. Sa aming paglaki at pag-unlad, alam namin na ang pag-akit ng totoong mga tao ay magiging susi sa pangangalap ng puna na nagpapabuti at nagpapabatid ng mga programa at produkto. Sa pag-iisip na ito, nagtakda kami upang bumuo ng aming kauna-unahang Member Advisory Council (MAC) mas maaga sa taong ito.

Ang layunin? Upang hikayatin ang dayalogo sa mga kliyente na gumagamit ng aming mga programa at suriing mabuti ang kanilang mga karanasan. Ang Member Advisory Council ay magbibigay ng payo sa mga bagong programa, ang karanasan sa kliyente, at makakatulong sa paghubog ng aming mga madiskarteng layunin.

Noong nakaraang buwan ang Member Advisory Council, na binubuo ng 8 sa aming mga kliyente (aka mga kasapi) na kumakatawan sa pagkakaiba-iba ng aming komunidad ay nagkakilala sa unang pagkakataon. Umupo kami upang makilala ang isa sa mga kasapi, Santos, at pakinggan kung ano ang ibig sabihin sa kanya ng MAC.

Sabihin sa amin nang kaunti tungkol sa iyong sarili:

Lumaki ako sa gitna ng District 9, na pinaka kilala sa tawag na "La Mission", sa 26th at Valencia Streets, kung saan nakita ako ng mga intersection na lumaki at naging sino ako ngayon. Lumalaki sa La Mission, nagbigay ito sa akin ng mga pananaw na hindi mo makikita o maranasan sa iba pang Mga Distrito sa San Francisco. Ang La Mission ay puno ng mga kultura mula sa bawat sulok ng mundo. Mayroon kaming mga lokal na napaka lantad, na hindi natatakot na magsalita laban sa kawalan ng katarungan.

Ano ang ginagawa mo para sa ikabubuhay?

Lumalaki sa ilan sa mga hangarin sa La Mission, nais kong gumawa ng isang bagay para sa aking pamayanan, isang bagay na maaaring magturo - o kung paano namin ito sasabihin dito sa Bay, "Magsalita ng ilang laro" - sa mga mas nakababatang henerasyon. Kaya't nagsimula akong magtrabaho para sa Bay Area Urban Debate League. Bilang tagapag-ugnay ng rehiyon para sa San Francisco, ako ang namamahala sa lahat ng mga programa na mayroon ang Liga dito sa San Francisco. Pangunahin akong nagtatrabaho sa High School tulad ng Mission High School, Wallenberg High School, Downtown High School, June Jordan School for Equity, at Ida B. Wells High School.

Bakit ka sumali sa programa ng Lending Circles?

Sumali ako sa isang Lending Circle sapagkat inakala ng aking ina na magiging mabuting paraan upang magsimulang makabuo ng isang kredito. Noong una ay nagdududa ako. Alam ko kung ano ang isang Tanda ngunit ang mga iyon ay minsan ay hindi maganda at hindi laging gumagana. Mabilis na pasulong sa 2016 at nagawa ko ang 3 o 4 Lending Circles.

Isa sa mga bagay na pinaka nasisiyahan ako tungkol sa Lending Circles ay ang klase sa pananalapi na kailangan mong gawin. Kinakailangan na kumuha ng klase tuwing sasali ka sa isang Lending Circle. Ang patuloy na pagpapatibay ng edukasyon sa pananalapi ay susi. Napakaraming natutunan mula sa patuloy na paalala. Patuloy kong sinusubukan na sumali ang mga tao sa programa. Kadalasan ay ipinapakita ko lamang sa kanila ang website at sinabi sa kanila ang kaunti sa aking kwento.

Ano ang iyong reaksyon nang malaman mo ang tungkol sa MAC?

Nang makatawag ako, hindi ko alam kung paano mag-react. Nasa bubong ako ng aking gusali nang makatawag ako. Ang tawag ay dumating bilang isang simoy ng hangin, ito ay tulad ng deja vu. Nang makausap ko si Karla tungkol sa pagiging bahagi ng unang pangkat ng mga kasapi ng MAC, ito ay isang walang utak at kaagad akong nagsabi ng oo.

Anong bahagi ng MAC ang pinaka-kapana-panabik sa iyo?

Isa sa mga bagay na talagang nakakainteres sa akin ay upang kumatawan ka sa isang pamayanan. Nagagawa mong magsalita para sa mga taong hindi maririnig. Iyon ay isang kapangyarihang hindi mararamdam ng lahat. Ang mga desisyon na gagawin ng mga myembro ng MAC, makakaapekto sa pamayanan at iyon ang talagang nakakuha ng aking pansin.

Ang katotohanan na nakakaranas ako at maging isang direktang gumagawa ng desisyon para sa komunidad ay lampas sa aking mga pangarap. Sa tulong ng pitong iba pang mga miyembro maaari nating mapabuti ang aming pamayanan. Ang unang henerasyon ng mga kasapi ng MAC ay magtatakda ng mga pamantayan para sa susunod na henerasyon at iba pa ay magtatayo kami ng isang pangkat na inuuna ang komunidad.

Ang susunod na pagpupulong ng MAC ay naka-iskedyul para sa Agosto 3 kung saan inaasahan ng grupo na talakayin ang kanilang mga layunin sa darating na taon.

Passionate Leaders & Product Experts: Kilalanin ang Aming Mga Bagong Miyembro ng Lupon

Introducing MAF’s new board members: Dave Krimm, Salvador Torres & Stephan Waldstrom

Earlier this year, MAF had the pleasure of welcoming three new members to our Board of Directors. Read on to find out who they are, where they’re from, and what inspired them to join the board — from the cutting-edge technology driving Lending Circles to our innovative model for building financial capability.

Meet Dave

Dave Krimm is a seasoned financial services professional, with a passion for the “positive impact of microlending: the difference that a small loan can make in an individual’s or a family’s success.” His experience working as a financial product development consultant and leading fundraising and marketing at the San Francisco Foundation make the MAF Board a perfect match for Dave.

Dave is no stranger to nonprofit boards.

Most recently he served as Chair of the Opportunity Fund Board in San Jose, California, where he helped oversee an exciting period of growth for the organization. Now, he’s eager to bring his talents to a nonprofit rooted in his home of San Francisco. When asked what he’s most excited about in his new role, Dave shared that, “I’m looking forward to strengthening MAF’s ‘support team’ on the Board, to match the broadening impact of MAF’s programs locally and the expansion of our nationwide network.”

Meet Salvador

Salvador Torres is well acquainted with the informal lending and borrowing that happens on the margins, and he’s eager to uplift MAF’s work making the invisible, visible. Salvador shared that, “My family members have used lending circles to share resources, but they rarely went beyond close family ties and didn’t help build credit. Now with MAF’s Lending Circle products and partners, people around country are able to access capital and build the credit necessary to transition into the financial mainstream.”

He knows just how crucial financial health is for building strong, resilient communities.

Salvador spends his days working in Washington, D.C., as an investment banker and consultant at Penserra and 32Advisors, where he helps companies build growth strategies. He’s also served as an Advisory Board Member of the Posse Foundation, a college access organization, where he saw firsthand how close-knit social circles — “posses” — could transform the lives of students and their communities.

Meet Stephan

Stephan Waldstrom hails from Belgium (via Denmark), and is the Director of Risk and Product Development at RPX Corporation, a risk management company based in San Francisco.

Stephan is passionate about all things product development.

And he’s ready to use that passion to give back to his community. Stephan believes that “MAF has found a simple yet powerful model that can significantly improve the financial security of its members and potentially countless people across the U.S.” A product guru at heart, Stephan is excited to get his hands dirty helping MAF develop the first-ever Lending Circles mobile app, a new tool that will connect clients with on-demand loan information. In addition to his Board seat, Stephan is lending his expertise as a member of MAF’s Technology Advisory Council — which helps guide the design of the technology that powers MAF’s programs.

We’re happy to welcome Dave, Salvador, and Stephan to MAF’s board.

And we’re grateful to them for sharing their collective skills and talents to as we chart new courses — from the mobile app, to our Lending Circles Summit, to new research shaping our understanding of financial health. Adelante!


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