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Let’s Make Sure We All Count!

We’re so glad to hear that you’ve already completed the 2020 Census! 👏🏼 🎉

We’re working to ensure that everyone is counted. Would you join us?

Only a few days left…


I completed the Census, what else can I do?

Awesome! You are a Census Champion! Now, be a superhero and help us get more people counted:

  • Take a selfie and post it Instagram with the hashtag #MAFCensusChampion, make sure to include in the post

  • Click on the “Share” button to share this resource page with your Facebook network.

  • Make a list of 10 individuals you frequently stay in touch with. Personally reach out to them and ask if they’ve already completed the 2020 Census. If they haven’t, encourage them to complete it before the new October 5 deadline.

MAF champions have completed the Census!


Haste contar ,no importa tu status migratorio, ni raza, ni religion.
En tus manos esta moldear tu futuro, tienes hasta el 30 de esperes y hazlo hoy!  #mafcensuschampion
I completed the 2020 census because the  results of this once-a-decade count.
The #census2020 matters to me because...
We all belong and we all matter #mafcensuschampion
We all belong and matter in America. That's why missionassetfund is working to ensure that everyone —regardless of income, race, or immigration status — is counted. Join me in sharing why you've completed the 2020 Census by posting a similar photo on your IG today! #MAFCensusChampion

Census 2020 Campaign Supporter