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2019 MAF Summit: And the award goes to…

At Mission Asset Fund (MAF), we never pass up an opportunity to celebrate our inspiring and all-around incredible community members.

At this year’s MAF Summit, we rolled out a red carpet of our own and took some time to acknowledge a few community leaders that embody the theme of the event: Transcend, Evolve, Take Flight.

Learn more about the awards & awardees!

The Rabble Award

Frank Curiel (LIFT LA), Rob Lajoie (Peninsula Family Service), Wandy Peguero (Family Independence Initiative), Mariana Silva (Brown Boi Project), David Soto (Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio), Natalie Zayas (Center for Changing Lives)

Partner Advisory Council (PAC) Members

To witness a group of butterflies — known as a rabble — migrating southward is a beautiful sight. Each butterfly may fly with its own purpose, but together, they move towards the same destination. MAF’s Partner Advisory Council (PAC) members are an incredible rabble of their own. We thank them for sharing their unique perspective and ensuring that MAF and the Lending Circle network are moving in the same direction as we all work towards a more just and inclusive society.

The Monarch Award

Miguel Castillo, Pam Ortiz Cerda, Rosa Namgoong, and Luis Quiroz

Participants of the ‘Meet the Monarchs: Dreamers Share Stories of Resilience’ MAF Summit session

Monarchs make the incredible 3,000-mile migration every year. Luis, Miguel, Pam, and Rosa have gone through an incredible journey to arrive where they are today. They are entrepreneurs, students, and activists. They are speaking out when it’s important and their words are taking flight. The strokes of their wings are not only leading to impressive personal achievements, but they’re also making waves for their whole community. We thank them for their willingness to share their whole selves.

The Chrysalis Award

Alicia Villanueva, Susana Aguilar, and Patricia Fuentes

Participants of the ‘Meet the Rainbow: Clients Share Stories of Evolution’ MAF Summit session

Caterpillars create a chrysalis and emerge as butterflies. These three women have undergone amazing metamorphosis throughout their lives. They are strong women who have built strong foundations for themselves and their community to grow. We applaud their leadership, and we are excited to continue to watch them spread their wings and fly.

The Caterpillar Award

Canal Alliance

Lending Circles Provider

Caterpillars are young, strong, and transformational. Canal Alliance is a new Lending Circles partner, and they have grown at impressive speeds to not only provide Lending Circles, but also Lending Circles for Citizenship. They have even inched through uncharted programming territory, creatively envisioning an expanded horizon. We thank them for listening to their community and constantly evolving to meet their needs.

The Internal Compass Award

East LA Community Corporation

Lending Circles Provider

Much like the Monarch butterfly’s internal compass that guides their migratory journey, ELACC knew what was right and worked with their community to fight for it. The path they followed is intrinsic and rooted in their DNA. They set their sights on legalizing street vending and over the past ten years, they’ve made the long journey to get there with their neighbors and policymakers. Kudos to their ability to prioritize the needs of their community and respond.

The Cocoon Award

Asian Services in Action

Lending Circles Provider

Just as a cocoon provides the support and nourishment for a caterpillar to evolve, ASIA gives participants the support to undergo their own evolution — building their lives, creating their home, and thriving in new surroundings. They weave a program that fits the needs of their community, going the extra mile to ensure that their clients understand systems that might be new to them. There is a lot of transformation going on in that cocoon and ASIA has emerged  with zero charge offs!