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Achieving Financial Dreams Together

For more than 10 years, we have been partnering with fellow nonprofit organizations deeply committed to their communities and to increasing financial opportunity. Through the Lending Circles Communities Network, we’re empowering communities nationwide to support individuals in achieving their financial dreams. 

The Lending Circles Communities campaign, supported by the Wells Fargo Foundation, gave us an opportunity to connect with hundreds of nonprofit leaders. Following launch events in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, and many exploratory conversations later, we are excited to welcome new partners to our Lending Circles Network!

These organizations are serving a wide range of individuals to build credit, savings and meet their financial goals — immigrant families in East LA, first time homebuyers in South Chicago and justice-involved individuals on their path to reentry and young adults across the city of Chicago. 

This new cohort of Lending Circles providers is kicking off their training this month to launch the program in their communities and gear up for their very first Lending Circles.

We invite you to learn more about these impactful partner organizations below and support us by uplifting their community outreach efforts. 

Youth Job Center: Youth Job Center is a workforce development and job placement agency that prepares young people, ages 14-25, for success in the workplace and in life. They plan to integrate Lending Circles into their Financial Opportunity Center where they are eager to offer a credit and savings-building product with a model that’s familiar to clients and trustworthy to their families to start engaging with credit and build their financial footing.

Greater Chatham Initiative: The mission Greater Chatham Initiative is to help stabilize, strengthen, market, and attract investment and residents to the Greater Chatham area so they can continue to be communities of opportunity and choice. They are looking forward to offering Lending Circles to support their neighborhood recovery program, paths to homeownership, and local entrepreneurs.

MAOF: The mission of the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) is to provide for the socio-economic betterment of the greater Latino community of California while preserving the pride, values, and heritage of Mexican-American culture. MAOF plans to embed Lending Circles into their Financial Opportunity Center and help their families achieve their financial goals with a tool that is familiar to them.

CROP | Creating Restorative Opportunities and Programs provides formerly incarcerated individuals with full-service reentry support and 12 months of intensive training to succeed in tech‑focused careers. Lending Circles will be embedded into their Ready4Life wraparound career development program to complement their financial wellness training and help their fellows meet actionable goals with a tangible savings and credit-building product.

Eastmont Community Center: Eastmont Community Center provides social services, educational programs, and resources that equip East LA residents with the tools they need to thrive. They plan to integrate Lending Circles into their Financial Coaching program that focuses on helping clients put together a financial journey to effectively form healthy habits regarding spending, expenses, savings, and credit building. 

The staff at Eastmont Community Center is excited to provide our community an opportunity to learn about credit and improve their finances through a community-focused initiative like Lending Circles. Our community members will now be able to access capital without resorting to predatory lending.” – Eastmont Community Center

“Our partner network is phenomenal. One of the things I love most about my job is getting to talk to all of the nonprofit partners across the country who are doing really incredible work. We work with organizations doing homeownership work in Minneapolis, supporting immigrant families through financial coaching in Miami, and supporting survivors of gender based violence in Los Angeles. We’re thrilled to welcome these five new partners and continue to expand the Lending Circles Community!” – Zoe Leonard-Monrad, Partnerships Director

If you’re interested in bringing credit-building tools to your community check out to find a provider near you or reach out to explore partnering opportunities.

Funding for the Lending Circles Communities campaign is provided through a generous grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation.