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New Hope for Immigrant Families: MAF Stands Ready to Support as Biden’s Policies Open New Pathways to Citizenship

On June 18, the Biden Administration announced new plans to support immigrants, including Dreamers and undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens. MAF celebrates the new policies and the administration’s work to bring relief and hope to thousands of immigrants. 

The new executive order has the potential to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by allowing them to work in the full light of day. 

Those directly impacted are DACA recipients who have earned a college degree or higher in the U.S. or who have received a job offer from a U.S. employer related to their degree who will now be eligible for work visas instead of temporary work authorizations. The new program will also allow certain spouses of United States citizens to apply for “parole-in-place” from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

The Parole-in-Place program is not open for applications yet. The program will allow up to 550,000 people to receive temporary protections and work permits in the U.S. and apply for lawful permanent residence without separating from their families.

These are great steps forward, and we are ready to help applicants reach the finish line.

MAF has a long and successful track record of supporting immigrants with grants and loans to finance costly applications. We know that high fees are a barrier for those seeking permanent residence, which is harder for low-income families to overcome. 

As an organization, we have always stood by immigrant communities through moments of crisis and opportunity. Over the years, MAF has financed over 20,000 DACA and citizenship applications, opening up opportunities for immigrants to live, work, and thrive in this country. 

While the new application will not open until late summer, our team is preparing to support eligible individuals in applying. With over 550,000 qualifying households, we anticipate MAF will support as many families as we can, just as we have done before.

Join us in supporting immigrant families.

While the latest plans from the Biden Administration offer much-needed hope, comprehensive immigration is still needed to provide immigrants with clear pathways to citizenship and become full and active community members, working and thriving alongside the rest of us. 

We have seen the outpouring of support from our community before. At this critical time, we ask you to partner with us once again. Your support will help low-income families overcome the financial barrier to stability, peace, and belonging. 

Donate today to help MAF provide critical financial assistance to immigrant families applying for citizenship.