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A Partnership for Financial Freedom for All

Last April, the Motley Fool Foundation named MAF CEO José Quiñonez as one of its first Financial Freedom Rule Breakers. The Motley Fool Foundation is a non-profit focused on financial freedom for all, collaborating with trusted partners to co-design an inclusive system and world where everyone benefits when the economy flourishes.

“Financial freedom is really foundational for every dream realized.”

—MAF CEO José Quiñonez

With the Motley Fool Foundation’s support, we’re uplifting the stories and challenges facing immigrant communities as they work to improve their financial security. And now, as we approach the one-year anniversary of our partnership, we’re uplifting highlights from the past year: 

José joined the Motley Fool’s “Rule Breaker Investing” podcast to share MAF’s vision for a world where we trust people as the experts of their own financial lives and change the narrative of what’s possible when we use a community-centered approach.

In the Motley Fool Foundation’s August “Spark Conversation” series, José joined Alison Lingane, co-founder of Project Equity, and Michael Zakaras, Director of Strategy at Ashoka, for a discussion about how we can support people in moving from financial invisibility to financial freedom.

We’re thrilled to partner with the Motley Fool Foundation to share insights into what’s working to bring about broader change for low-income and immigrant communities. We look forward to another year of rule-breaking together, working to create a financial system that recognizes the full financial potential of everyone.